Milena Lasic was born in Belgrade in 1986. She attended School of design in Belgrade. Afterwards, she graduated from The College of Textile – Design, Technology and Management in 2011. 


She comes from an artistic family. Among other things she is closely related to a famous Serbian painter Pedja Milosavljevic. Growing up, she was exposed to artwork, having the pleasure of listening to the stories about visual art many times. With all those facts combined, Milena has demonstrated interest and passion for various art styles, from an early age. 

Artistic Beginnings

As a girl, Milena spent all her free time painting, distinctively determining her own vocation and professional destiny.

On the one hand, she has always found much inspiration within and around her. On the other side, variety of art techniques and colors, prompted her to experiment greatly. Ever since Milena has been putting her imaginative ideas on paper, canvas and cardboard, using pastel, ink, oil or acrylic – whatever technique she would feel is the most adequate at the given moment of her creative process. 

Interestingly, she also worked as a stylist and designed her line of unusual and authentic jewelry „Milart“. 

Collage artist

In recent time, Milena Lasic has been making imaginative, vivid collages.

Until now, she exhibited her collage artwork twice in Belgrade. The first time in September 2017. and the second in October 2018.

Milena’s collages have been part of permanent collections in several renowned galleries in Belgrade and Zagreb.